5 things for Monday, July 10: The US and Russia, Iraq fighting, London market fire

5 things for Monday, July 10: The US and Russia, Iraq fighting, London market fire

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1. United States and Russia
Donald Trump Jr. said he had met a Russian lawyer linked to last year’s Kremlin because he had been informed that the person had “useful information” in his father’s campaign. In a statement to CNN, Trump Jr. said that the meeting was set up by a knowledgeable Miss Universe contest and he also invited Jared Kusher and Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort to the meeting.

Trump Jr. said the woman with whom he met said he had no information that people associated with the DNC Russia funded and supported Hillary Clinton before changing the issue of adoption of Russian children. Trump Jr. said he did not leave the meeting and that his father had never understood.

The June 2016 meeting, which took place two weeks after Donald Trump took the GOP nomination, is important because it is the first known meeting of key trump officials with a Russian national during the campaign.

2. Iraq
There is good news in the fight against ISIS. Iraq says it is almost expelled from the militant group in Mosul, with the exception of a few fighters hiding in the pockets of the city.

The Iraqi prime minister went through the streets of Mosul this weekend, applauding crowds. He said the army is trying to free civilians from some houses where ISIS uses residents as human shields. Mosul is the largest city in Iraq, near Baghdad, which makes ISIS huge.
3. London Fire Market
It took 10 firefighters and 70 firefighters to control the fire at one of London’s most famous tourist attractions. Three-story Camden market caught fire shortly before midnight, but fire crews were able to knock down the fire after a few hours.

The open-air market – filled with more than 1,000 shops, boutiques and entertainment venues – attracts about 28 million people a year. Not a word about what caused the fire, what is the severity of the damage or if someone was injured.

4. American citizen died in Greece
A US citizen was beaten to death by a group of men in Greece, authorities said. Bakari Henderson, 22, recently graduated from the University of Arizona, was approached by another man in a bar when they started fighting.

The fight has spread outward, where Henderson was beaten by 10 men. Two people were arrested and police are looking for other suspects. Henderson was in Greece working on a photo shoot for a new clothing line.
5. Forest fires in California
At least 14 fires are burning throughout the state of gold to another, prompting thousands of people to evacuate. One of the fires in Santa Barbara County, south, threatened about 60 children at a summer camp. They had to wait in a dining room as firefighters fought the flames around them.

The children were unharmed. There are also fires in northern California, especially in Butte County that burned 5,600 acres and forced 4,000 people to flee.

In general, about 45 fires burn in parts of western Canada, which suffers from a hot, dry summer. Six states are under red flag warnings, and things are not going to get better this week as meteorologists believe lightning storms are causing more and more torches.

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