5 Ugly Truth About beauty services at home in Mumbai


1)Home distraction: sometimes stylist can get wrapped up in what is happening at home or with their families while having clients waiting to be seen.this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can be frustrating.
2)Lack of space for clients: Home salons are generally smaller than the average commercial salon and become a bit crowded, especially around the holiday season.
3)for hairdressers: a number of people entering in your home it can be unsafe not knowing what type of people you are welcoming into your home, but with that, the stylist may only take new clients recommended by an old client or someone they trust and know.
4)the environment can become too relaxing and lose the owner-client feel and respect: it can begin to feel like you are visiting a girlfriend and you both can easily become wrapped up in the latest gossip and forget about your hair.
5)for dresser: you may not get the same amount and price of business as a commercial salon: the charge may seem unfair that commercial salon charges the larger amount of money for the same style, downside but the advantage is this can help you gain more business.
6)you may spend more time sitting and wait downside Hye of getting your hair done correctly is the wait time the stylist is not only doing your hair right, he or she is doing the other clients hair well.moreover, when it does become crowded, the wait time is even longer.

Having spent my share of time in home salons and some time in commercial salons.sometimes the best salon are those that are small and intimate,s o when choosing your salon,m ake a pro/con(s)list.sometimes home is better for you that commercial.
one can very well understand the importance of professsional makeup in the above-mentioned industries and situations.the cosmetics help in making an impression that lasts forever.
you wear cosmetics to look beautiful.you wear it to hide scars, pimples, acne and other skin problem that is ruining your beauty.if you are into theatres,m ovies or other entertainment fields, makeup is something that in indispensable for you.all in all, wearing cosmetics hold a pramout importance in everyones life.
Also sometimes it may happen that the makeup artist website show different price and when the invoice is generated, It has no relation to the price mentioned on artists digital platform.in ordr to stay away from such forgeries and acts of fraud, I t is rquired on your end to hire only trusted and reliable ones among all mumbai makeup artist.

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