Britain, EU to start historic Brexit talks

Britain, EU to start historic Brexit talks

BRUSSELS: Britain began formal talks Monday to leave the EU, seeking the agreement “like no other in history” despite tough difficult negotiations with a weakened government.

One year after the British referendum earthquake, Minister Brexit David Davis and European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier will meet with the European Commission in Brussels.

Participations in highly complex talks to be completed before March 2019, not only the future of Britain, but a Western political order that will be rather badly stopped by the impossibility of reaching an agreement.

But the situation is very different from that of 12 months ago when Brexiteers rang with Prime Minister Theresa May’s comprehensive approach questioned after a disastrous electoral performance on June 8.

“Although there is a long way, our fate is clear: a deep and special partnership between the UK and the EU an agreement like no other in history,” Davis said in a statement that while addressing the Conversations.

“I am eager to start working on this new future.”
Britain already seems to have capitulated to the EU’s insistence that it focuses initially on three key divorce issues, before moving on to the future EU-UK relationship and a possible trade agreement.

These problems are the result of the Brittany bill, which is estimated in Brussels about 100 billion euros (112 billion dollars), the rights of the three million EU citizens living in Britain and one million Britons On the continent and the situation of the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

“Sit down for a first formal round of negotiations is something in itself,” an EU source told AFP.

Concerned about immigration and loss of sovereignty, Britain voted last year to end its membership in the 28-nation bloc – the first state to do so – in a surprising outcome of the referendum.

An increasingly concerned Europe pushed London to hurry, eventually out for an agreement and three months already elapsed since May triggered the production process section of the EU 50 to two years.

Britain’s threats to leave European capitals without agreement also worried.
However, today’s discussions are prone to focus on the practical details of deadlines for the coming months, major issues of division and set aside for now, authorities said.

It will also have the opportunity to update the other 27 EU leaders on their Brexit plans at a summit in Brussels on Thursday.

“The best way to spend this week is to rebuild trust,” said another European source.

However, many in Brussels fear that London does not have a real strategy, with May under pressure at home, always trying to make a deal with a Conservative Party of Northern Ireland remain in power and to deal with criticism for the Processing the effects of a devastating whirlwind block fire.

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