Here's how SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to colonise Mars over the next 100 years

Here’s how SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to colonise Mars over the next 100 years

Humans have looked at life on Mars for many years, and the colonization of Mars was the moist dream of the space exploration agency.

India was the first country to reach Mars with its mission Mangalyaan, United States President Donald Trump wants NASA to put a man on Mars in 2033, scientists have also discovered crucial evidence of water – the source of life support – On the surface of Mars.

And somewhere in the middle of a world race to reach and live our nearest neighbor planet, Elon Musk has formulated a plan to transport a million humans to Mars more than a hundred years and 10,000 the interplanetary journey

. This is how the Tesla and founder of SpaceX hopes to make the next leap for humanity.

“Making People a Kind of Multiple Planetaries” – is the title of the March Musk Plan, a detailed summary of their presentation at the 67th International Congress of Astronautics, held in September last year.

SpaceX of musk we are already planning a moon trip for two by the end of 2018, and the company aims to make human interplanetary species to escape a possible event in the world of the catastrophe on Earth that could happen “someday” to future.

The argument from Mars

In his article, musk made several arguments in favor of Mars being the best choice for a scenario of Earth 2.0. He writes that Venus could have been an option, provided it was not a “hot acid bath at high pressure.”

Mercury is too close for comfort Sun and Moon would be quite a challenge given its small real estate and lack of atmosphere.

Therefore, Mars with its 24.5 hour time and its “resource-rich” topography is the best choice for the first Earth intergalactic migration. “If we could heat Mars, we would still have a thick atmosphere and liquid oceans,” musk said.

But what about gravity?

We know that Mars does not enjoy a strong natural gravitational pull like our planet, but musk I think it will be fun to live on a planet with about 37% gravity on Earth.

Imagine lifting a vehicle with bare hands. Get the photo

“It would cost approximately 1.28,81,000 to mark this note in March. India’s average salary is Rs 7,328 per month.”

How much would a ticket cost to Mars?

Musk seems to have closed in a number when it comes to travel expenses to Mars.

Using a “traditional Apollo approach,” musk believes a one-time move on the red planet would cost $ 10 billion per person.

“By taking the title, for example, Apollo, the cost estimates are between $ 100 and $ 200 billion for the current year,” musk wrote.

However, Iron Man’s technology world obviously states that such huge costs are not ideal for creating an autonomous civilization on Mars.

So another suggested approach to calculating the March ticket price: “If we can have the cost of moving to Mars to be more or less equivalent to an average real estate price in the US, about $ 200,000, I think That the probability that the establishment of an autonomous civilization is very high.

I think it’s almost certain to happen. “Musk aims to reduce this average cost – over time.

Just to put things in perspective, if the musky plan is done, it would cost approximately 1,28,81,000 in March to mark the ticket. India’s average salary is Rs 7328 per month. We assume that we stay on planet Earth.

“If you can go every 2 years and if you have 100 people per boat is 10,000 trips.” Musk

What’s New?

Musk details its plans to improve the total cost of travel to Mars. It offers fully reusable transport systems, spacecraft feeding in orbit, propellant production on Mars and the most economical ideas.

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