Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Yezidi Fighters’ Families Expelled

Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Yezidi Fighters’ Families Expelled

(BEIJING) – Kurdistan Regional Government forces (GRK) have expelled at least four Yezidi families and threatened others since June 2017 due to the involvement of their families in Iraqi government forces, Human Rights Watch said today, Hui The security forces of the GRK Kurdish security forces, paid families in Sinjar, where access to basic goods and services is very limited displaced.

The expulsion of Yezidi families in the Iraqi Kurdistan region (KRI), as one of the parents has joined the popular mobilization Forces (Hashd al-Sha’abi or MFP) amounts to a collective punishment in violation of international law , Human Rights Watch said.
A Yezidi fighter in Sinjar, Iraq, November 16, 2015.

“Kurdistan Regional Government authorities must stop expelling Yezidi families because of their relatives’ actions, a form of collective punishment,” said Lama Fakih, deputy director of the Middle East at Human Rights Watch.

“These displaced families have the right not to be returned to their places of origin are still damaged.”
Human Rights Watch spoke with three yezidi commanders said yezidi forces had been integrated into the MFP as the Yezidi Brigades (kataib Ezidkhan), the forces holding positions in four areas of Sinjar.

Sinjar is technically under the administrative control of the central Iraqi government, but the GRK security forces remain active in the region and control the main Sinjar road in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

In late June and early July, Human Rights Watch interviewed nine displaced original Yezidis Kocho villages, Siba Sheikh Khidr Kassab’s Telephone and in Sinjar, the MFP has regained the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) in May.

They all lived in the KRI and did not want to return to their villages because of widespread destruction of property, mass graves, improvised unexploded ordnance and lack of water and electricity.

Their families fled Sinjar in August 2014, after ISIS had attacked the area, massacring thousands of slaves and Yezidis. All those interviewed reported that Kurdish security forces had threatened to evict them because they had fathers who joined the Yezidi Brigades and in four cases alleged that Kurdish security forces were forcibly expelled in Sinjar As recently as July 5, 2017.

Yezidi man who lived in a camp near the town of Zajo in KRI stated that in late May, three of his son joined the yezidi PEC Brigades. On 12 June, an officer told Kurdish security forces to report to the local Kurdish security forces office the following day.

He said that when he arrived, the agents told him that if he did not let his son leave the PPD and to return to camp, he had to leave the KRI before June 21 and return to Kocho.

His son did not leave the group and on June 29 Asayish agents in the camp ordered him to leave immediately and instantly. He requested a 24-hour extension to prepare his family, but the agents refused.

An officer took his family to Sinjar. “I do not know what to do,” he said. “My people were completely destroyed, and there is no water or electricity in the region.”

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