Mali tourist resort attack: 4 suspected jihadists killed after two die in Bamako's Kangaba Le Campement

Mali tourist resort attack: 4 suspected jihadists killed after two die in Bamako’s Kangaba Le Campement

Four attackers were killed by Malian security forces after an attack on a resort popular with foreigners near the capital, Bamako, the security minister said Sunday.

“We have recovered the bodies of two attackers who were killed,” Salif Traore told reporters, adding that they “were looking for the bodies of two others,” without specifying whether the others were in the race.

Jihadists suspected of crying “Allahu Akbar” burst into a popular tourist resort among foreigners next to the capital of Mali, Bamako, on Sunday, briefly holding more than 30 hostages and leaving at least two dead.

The assault on Kangaba camp station occurs after a similar attack, less than two years in a luxury hotel in Bamako, located to the south of troubled countries.

Security forces that fought gunmen on the site continue Sunday night in search of the attackers who fled. Neighboring residents were reported by first attack after hearing shots as smoke rose in the air, with at least one building on fire.

French soldiers guard where armed men attacked the Kangaba camp in Dougourakoro, east of the capital of Mali, Bamako.

Soldiers guard ReutersFrench where gunmen attacked the Kangaba camp in Dougourakoro, east of the capital of Mali, Bamako.

“This is a jihadist attack. Special forces from Mali stepped in,” security minister Salif Traore told AFP. They were supported by UN troops and troops from a French counter-terrorism force.
“Unfortunately at this moment there are two dead, including a Franco-Gabonese,” he said, adding that the second body was identified.

At least 32 “hostages”, the Malian army, were released in a statement, adding that one of the attackers was wounded and abandoned their weapon. In addition, it left behind “bottles containing explosive substances,” said the Ministry of Security.

At least 14 people, including Malians and foreigners, were injured, the ministry said. A witness interviewed by local television station ORTM said he saw a man arriving on a motorcycle that “started shooting at the crowd”, followed by “two or three” that came in another vehicle.

The West African struggle without sea country for several years with a jihadist insurgency, wandering Islamist fighters in northern and central Mali.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is due to visit Bamako July 2 for a meeting with five Sahel countries, “following the situation very closely,” the presidency told AFP on Sunday.

“Increased threat of attacks”

Several people rescued in Kangaba said that the attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar (God is great),” responsibility Although no group has yet claimed.

The United States Embassy in Bamako earlier this month warned of “a possible escalation of the threat of attacks on Western diplomatic missions, places of worship and other places in Bamako attending the West.”

During a Franco-African summit in Bamako in January, the owner of Kangaba Herve Depardieu complained about the “alarming security of information” given by foreign consulates that seriously disturb our lives love and our freedoms.

In November 2015, armed men took hostages and hostage personnel at the Radisson Blu Bamako Hotel in a seat that left at least 20 dead, including 14 foreigners.

The attack was claimed by the Afro-African al-Qaeda al-Qaeda affiliate in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI).

In March of the same year, an attack with grenades and firearms in the nightclub La Terrasse in Bamako killed five people, including foreigners.

Kangaba, located to the east of Bamako, offers accommodation in cottage-style rooms, as well as restaurants and pools, according to its website.

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