In an impressive public reproach from a senior member of his administration, US President Donald Trump said he would never be called Jeff Sessions, the attorney general knew he would reject the Russian probe.

Trump also led a veiled threat to special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who took over the FBI’s investigation into Russia, not looking at his family’s finances while the president filed new charges against former FBI director James Comey.

“The sessions were not denied, and if he was going to be inhibited, he would have told me before taking his job and that I would have picked someone else,” Trump told the New York Times an interview on Wednesday.

While Trump criticized Mueller and Comey, his criticism sessions, one of his first political allies when most Republicans suspected his chances, even surprised his followers and raised questions about the future of the Attorney General’s Office.

Sessions apologized for the investigation of Russia’s interference during the 2016 United States presidential elections held by the FBI, which reports to the Ministry of Justice, when they were arrested for failing to disclose that they met with the Russian ambassador as senator.

This did not go well with Trump. “Jeff Sessions takes his job, goes to work, he recovers, which, in my opinion, is very unfair to the president,” Trump said.

“How do you do a job, then you answer If you turn yourself before you work, I would have said,” Thank you, Jeff, but it will not take. “It is very unfair – and this is a soft word – to the President “.

He also attacked the rest of the Justice Department and FBI leadership, who all had something to do with the Russian probe that faced his young presidency, with the focus of now ex-militants and his family including eldest son Donald Trump Jr. And his son Jared Kushner.

There was no response session with the blast. But some conservatives, including supporters of the president, wondered if Trump had gone too far this time.

“No one in the United States can match the excellence of @JeffSessions as Attorney General,” said new Republican lawmaker Steve King on Twitter, adding, “Trump’s program was paralyzed with him.”

Sessions is an immigration hawk, an old critic of the H-1B temporary visa program, popular among Indian companies and implementation of the president’s controversial enthusiastic approach to crime.

The public reprimand is considered a betrayal of an allied Directive and without a clear ambiguity of Sessions to convert their roles. “The president made the request for the sessions of his resignation. Will he resign or insist that he was rejected?” Preet Bharara, former federal prosecutor and critic Trump tweeted.

Sessions would have offered to resign earlier – in the days before the president’s first foreign tour in June – about Trump’s anger over the refusal and banning of travel ban, but obviously not accepted.

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