Which type of college you will get after the NEET Exam securing the Good Marks

The cut-off point is the lowest possible score that a candidate needs to qualify for NEET NEET 2017. The 2017 cutoff is based on many factors such as

number entries, the numberĀ of published review applicants, Level of difficulty of the test, etc. According to NEET court in 2017, the authority responsible for the review, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will declare the NEET 2017 result for qualified and unskilled candidates.

In addition, scorers of 15% of qualified candidates will be directly eligible to participate in the NEET consultation process under 15% of the allocation slots in India. Based on NEET 2017 coupe, the NEET range for a 15% stake. All Indian contingent councils are presented separately. For example, in NEET 2016, the portfolio of brands in the non-qualified category under the Indian quota shares was 685-468.


It all depends on the university you are looking for.

For a fee of 15%.

650+ MACA, the best schools in Delhi.
630+ for other schools in Delhi.
620+ of the best universities in other states. (Seth GS BJMC, etc.)
570+ for the top 5 other state colleges
520+ from a decent government college in a decent place, but not very popular.
<520 not-so-popular places like the Northeast, or Andaman.


The cut-off point for boys, is about 490 to 505, so all of the above. Without a doubt, something above 550.

The cut-off point for girls is about 530-550, but to be on the safe side somewhat above 580-590

For a quota status of 85%

Well, that varies from state to state, and this year, all universities have not followed the NEET, but will be next year. So I guess the same score around 490-500 you should receive at the top college in your state and 450 you should get into some colleges as well.

For Manipal,

A score of about 510 should allow you to be admitted to your course, but not a scholarship. A grant of 10% must be available from 520.

For high-level private schools (such as St Johns, Bangalore)

I think a score of around 560 would be a safe bet

For the rest of the private universities

All of the above should make you 360 College, but the quality of college and the amount of fees you have to pay will depend on your qualification.

I hope this helps you.

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